Volume 69

A Remote Video Survey of the Fish Communities from Deep Water Mesophotic Reef Habitats in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Beyea, R.T, and S.T. Szdelmayer
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Other Information

Date: November, 2016

Pages: 193 - 194

Event: Proceedings of the Sixty eigth Annual Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute

City: Grand Cayman

Country: Cayman Islands


The Pinnacle reefs are deep water (60 - 110 m) natural rock reefs that project up to 20 m from the seafloor on the edge of the continental shelf in the northern Gulf of Mexico. These mesophotic reef habitats are home to a diverse reef fish community. In September and October 2014, a stratified random ROV video survey was used to count and identify reef fish species from three reef categories: low (0 - 3 m), medium (4 - 10 m) and high (> 10 m) vertical relief, and from two habitat types: reef top and reef slope.

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