Volume 58

Towards a Fisheries Management Plan for the Negril Marine Park, Jamaica

Miller, M., E. Bartley, D. Grant, R. Kelly, J. Masters, P. McConney
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Other Information

Date: November, 2005

Pages: 325-328

Event: Proceedings of the Fifty Eighth Annual Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute

City: San Andres

Country: Colombia


The Negril Marine Park (NMP) covers a total area of approximately 160 km2, extending approximately 3 km outward from shore. In extension, the park runs from Davis Cove in the north to Salmon Point in the south, covering sections of two neighboring parishes on the western end of the island of Jamaica. The biodiversity existing within the park is presently under severe threat by nutrient overload from fertilizer run-off from agriculture sources, partially treated sewage intrusion, boat anchors, and overfishing. The Park was declared a protected area under the Natural Resources Conservation Authority Act (1991) on March 4, 1998 and the Negril Coral Reef Preservation Society (NCRPS) was given the mandate to manage the area in conjunction with the stakeholders (NRCA, 2002). A series of consultations with fishers commenced in June 2005 and targeted the eight major fishing communities within the Negril Marine Park, namely, Little Bay, Homers Cove, Salmon Point, Davis Cove, Cousins Cove, Orange Bay, Green Island and South Negril River. Discussions focused primarily on getting the opinions of the fishers with respect to the compilation of a NMP Fisheries Management Plan. This paper summarizes the responses of fishers to questions related to: Major threats to the fishery and possible solutions; A NMP permit and licensing system for fishers; The importance of data in the management of marine resources; Alternative livelihoods; and Fishers organizations. The opinions of the fishers are critical to the co-management of the area since fisheries management strategies will impact either negatively or positively on their livelihoods. The paper also sets out options and criteria for arrangements to involve fishers more in co-managing the NMP. 

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