Volume 58

Queen Conch Outreach Initiatives: An Update from the Conch Heritage Network

Shawl, A.L.
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Other Information

Date: November, 2005

Pages: 513

Event: Proceedings of the Fifty Eighth Annual Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute

City: San Andres

Country: Colombia


Marine conservation education is an important fisheries management tool throughout the world. The Conch Heritage Network (CHN), established in 2001, is an international information center covering the research and conservation initiatives for queen conch, Strombus gigas. Now in the second year, the CHN’s “Conch in the Classroom” curriculum is being used throughout the country and the Caribbean region in marine science and biology classes. To ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of this outreach program, a survey is currently being conducted with teachers who have incorporated the queen conch lesson plans and activities into their classroom. This feedback will enable the CHN to revise activities, troubleshoot aquarium problems, and design grade-specific lessons plans. In addition, the “A Conch’s Life Story” video is being updated with new footage, an English and Spanish narration, and will be available on both VHS and DVD. The CHN is committed to disseminating educational materials to support the conservation of the queen conch.

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