Volume 58

Methodology for the Determination of the Visitor Carrying Capacity in the Marine Protected Areas of Cuba

Perera Valderrama, S. R. Estrada Estrada, A. Hernández-Avila, C. García Saez, P. Alcoldada Mendez, M García Rivas
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Other Information

Date: November, 2005

Pages: 341-350

Event: Proceedings of the Fifty Eighth Annual Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute

City: San Andres

Country: Colombia


The National Center for Protected Areas from Cuba is developing from group with WWF Canada and others national and international experts, a methodology for the determination of the Carrying Capacity for Visitors in the cubans MPAs, directed to the marine environment strictly. The same was begun with the realization of a first workshop in which settled an initial exchange of ideas, and was argued existent focuses, getting a first approach on this methodology, in which it has followed working, perfecting and fitting, in order to be validated and applied initially in 2 Cuban MPAs. This methodology is centered in the analysis of four fundamental groups of activities that develop in the MPAs and are the fundamental motive of welcoming visitors in the cuban MPAs: the beaches activities, the diving and snorkeling activities, the sport fishing and the development of life on board. In this work also establish, the Monitoring Indicators for each one of the groups, for determine the grade in that the limits of Carrying Capacity result adequate. In this methodology are tried to use the kindness of several types of methods, included the Carrying Capacity, with the objective of determining thresholds, with the objective in order to give pursuit and is if necessary readjust the initially established figures for the Carrying Capacity in the AMP.

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