Volume 71

Effects of Hurricane Maria on Hamlet Communities (Hypoplectrus spp., Serranidae) in the La Parguera Natural Reserve at Puerto Rico

Fernando Meléndez Vazquez;Manuel Olmeda Saldana;Dahiana Arcila;Ricardo Betancur
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Other Information

Date: November, 2018

Pages: 170-174

Event: Proceedings of the Seventy Annual Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute

City: San Andres Island

Country: Colombia


Hypoplectrus spp. are hermaphroditic, carnivorous, and highly territorial fishes of the family Serranidae, primarily distributed around the Western Atlantic. We studied 10 reefs located in the La Parguera Natural Reserve in Puerto Rico to record differences in Hypoplectrus spp.communities after the passage of Hurricane Maria. Our results were compared to surveys performed in the year 2017 (before Maria) and in the year 2000. We found significantly higher diversity after Hurricane Maria than in 2017 before the hurricane, yet lower diversity than recorded in 2000.

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