Volume 55

Distribution and Abundance of Larvae Callinectes rathbunae in Atasta Lagoon, Terminos Lagoon, Campeche, Mexico

Amador del Angel, L.E.; Casanova Broca, M.; Viveros-Trinidad, J.; Cabrera Rodríguez, P.; Reyes Fernández, Z.E.
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Other Information

Date: 2004

Pages: 1010

Event: Proceedings of the Fifty Fifth Annual Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute

City: Xel Ha

Country: Mexico


In the last years the crab fishery in the region of the Lagoon of Terms has been increased remarkably. With the purpose of knowing some preliminary aspects the reproductive time and sites of spawning of Callinectes rathbunae superficial zooplankton samples were made in 6 stations distributed in the lagoon of Atasta during five campaigns (April, July, September and December of 2001 and February of 2002). The month with greater number of collected zoeas was April with 67.45 larvae/m3, associated to temperatures between 27,5 and 28,5 1°C and salinities between 0.9 and 3.7 %. The station with greater incidence of larvae was number 2 located in the center of the lagoon, which this intluenced by the currents, which can transport the larval stages towards that place thus influencing in the recruitment.

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