Volume 59

Density and biomass variations of micronekton close to fish aggregating devices (FADs) around Martinique

Nelson, L., Reynal, L., Chanterel, L.
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Other Information

Date: November, 2006

Pages: 549-556

Event: Proceedings of the Fifty Nine Annual Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute

City: Belize City

Country: Belize


The numerical and ponderal variations of micronekton around fish aggregating devices (FADs) have been studied in Martinique using day/night sampling from upper 200 m depth with a mesopelagic trawl. The trawl used is an Isaac Kidd type, of 7,13 m² surface to the opening and a grid of 4 mm at the bottom. Forty six samples have been collected between july 2003 and april 2004. A total of 189 taxons of fish, squids and crustaceans covering 86 families were collected. In this article the micronekton’s numerical and ponderal variations are discribed using four parameters: the season, the day/night comparaison, the depth and the fishing position. A description of the miconekton composition contingent on the four factors enumerate up is done in order to explain the variations

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