Volume 59

Density and Abundance of Benthos Associated with Oyster Reefs in Coastal Lagoons of Tabasco, México

Tepetlan, S.P., Aldana-Aranda, D.
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Other Information

Date: November, 2006

Pages: 373-382

Event: Proceedings of the Fifty Nine Annual Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute

City: Belize City

Country: Belize


The American oyster Crassostrea virginica is native from the American coast of the Atlantic. In México it is found from Laguna Madre in Tamaulipas to Celestun, Yucatán. It inhabits in estuarine areas and sporadically withstands marine waters. This oyster has ecological, social, and commercial importance. The reefs formed by C. virginica provide a habitat for many invertebrates that live associated to them. In the present study bimonthly samplings were carried out in eight oyster reefs from the Lagoons of Mecoacán, Carmen and Machona, in Tabasco, México. The criterion of selection of these reefs was the frequency of fishing as well as the gradient of salinity. The selected reefs were Puente de Ostión, Del Bajo, 87, Largo, Pinzon, Macayo, Los Ximénez y Chichal. In each reef, five 20 x 20 cm quadrants were sampled, equivalent to 1 m2. For each quadrant the species composition of the associated bentos was registered, obtaining their number, total wet- and dry-weight. For live oysters the following biometric data was obtained: length, width and height of the shell, total wet weight, wet weight of the soft tissues and the shell, as well as the dry weight of the soft tissues and the shell. “Puente de Ostión” reef of Mecoacan lagoon presented Ischadium recurvum, Balanus sp and Crepidula sp. as the most abundant species. In “Del Bajo” reef the dominant species were C. virginica, Balanus sp, I. recurvum, Neritina and Isognomun radiatus. For “Station 87” reef the results of the month of June are reported where I. radiatus, Balanus sp and other gastropods are the abundant species. In Largo reef of Carmen Lagoon, the abundant species were Crepidula, Balanus sp, I. recurvum. In Pinzon reef the dominant species were I. radiatus, I. Recurvum and Crepidula; and in Macayo reef the genus Crepidula C. virginica, I. recurvum and I. Radiatu were dominant. Finally, in Los Ximenez reef of Machona Lagoon the dominant species were Balanus sp, Crepidula y C. virginica, while in Chichal reef the dominant genus were Crepidula, Balanus sp and crabs. During the three months, the oyster C. virginica had the greater wet biomass comparated with the other species

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