Volume 53

Culture of the Copepod Acartia tonsa Utilizing Various Artificial Feeds

Ogle, J.T.; Nicholson, L.C.; Lotz, J.M.
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Other Information

Date: 2002

Pages: 234-240

Event: Proceedings of the Fifty Third Annual Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute

City: Fort Pierce, Florida

Country: USA


In the interest of increasing zooplankton yields from culture tanks several supplemental feeds were evaluated. Triplicated trials utilizing small 1,000 L tanks with no water exchange were sampled weekly during four weeks for copepod abundance. Abundance of Acartia tonsanauplii decreased for the unfed control and tanks fed algae, bacteria, and Isomil®. Nauplii numbers increased in tanks fed artificial plankton, rice bran and Rotirich®.

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