Volume 63

Comprehensive Census of the Marine Commercial Fishery of Puerto Rico, 2008.

Matos-Caraballo, D. and J, Agar.
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Other Information

Date: November, 2010

Pages: 99-112

Event: Proceedings of the Sixty-Third Annual Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute

City: San Juan

Country: Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico’s Law 278 of November 29th, 1998, also knows as Puerto Rico’s Fishing Law, define that a full time commercial fisher is a person that receive 50% or a higher income from the fishing activity. A part-time commercial fisher (CF) receives less than 50% of their income from the fishing activity. The Regulation 6768, knows as Puerto Rico’s Fishing Regulation, established that a part time CF has a minimum of 20% of the total income must be produce by his fishing activity. The mentioned definitions required that the CF must submit their IRS documents to receive a commercial fisher license. Most CF did not like to reports their income to the IRS because they belief that they are poor, thus they do not have the income to contribute to the local government. During 2004-07, the DNER Commercial Fisheries Statistics Program (CFSP) observed that many CF left the fishing activity. Also they observed that many CF were active but they did not obtained the commercial fishing license. The mentioned facts conclude the necessity to realize this fishing census.

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