Volume 55

Caribbean Women in Fishing Economies

Grant, S.
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Other Information

Date: 2004

Pages: 68-77

Event: Proceedings of the Fifty Fifth Annual Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute

City: Xel Ha

Country: Mexico


There is little information in the literature on the role of women in fishing communities in fue Caribbean and in much of fue world. From the information available, women are involved directly in some aspects of fishing, community work that supports the fishing economy in general, and household work that provides a support system for fishers. When Fisheries Officers in 13 Caribbean countries were asked their perception and assessment on the role of women in fishing economies, they ranked women's participation "high" for marketing and processing, "low" for fishing and "medium" for investing. In the Caribbean, there is little or no recognition of women's work in fishing communities. However, their contribution to some aspects of the fishing economy may be significant and warrants attention.

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