Volume 50

Algunos Aspectos Culturales de la Pesca en el S.E. de Mexico

Sevilla Hernández, L.
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Other Information

Date: November, 1997

Pages: 1130-1137

Event: Proceedings of the Fiftiesth-Annual Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute

City: Merida

Country: Mexico


The importance of fisheries in the development of human groups in the SW Mexico is examined in this work. It was considered the review of several historical sources from XVI century, remainder mural, wainscot, art of pottery and other cultural manifestations given in evidence the mistery attraction that our anciest filled toward fishes, molluscs and acuatic organisms. It mencioned is confirmed with the excavation anlaysis in the national territory done by national and international invesitigators, who had identificated fishes structures, moluscs rests, for it derived the importance of this organisms tipe has been in the Gulf of Mexico shores. A large amount results was obtained if conclude that who had live in the study zone custom to use the acuatic organisms in their food, and some products in technology process, ceremonial ritual. Activities related with acuaculture of hig productivity like cultured oyster and culture of herbivorous fishes in Mexico, was inicied in this zone. The statistical data show that the oyster production in the Gulf of Mexico represent 91.3% of the oyster national production, the larger production is obtained in the Veracruz state. The production of tilapia also was initiated in this area extended forward national tropical continental waters, and today commands third place in Mexico’s fishery production, both in volume as a commercial value. Actuality all the fishery production it find menaced as result of the pollution in the zone.

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