Volume 62

Abundancia de Larvas Veliger de Strombus gigas (Linnaeus, 1758) en el Sistema Arrecifal Mesoamericano

Chávez Villegas, J.F,; Cid Becerra, J.A,; Enríquez Díaz, M.R,; Montero Muñoz, J,; Aldana-Aranda, D.
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Other Information

Date: November, 2009

Pages: 433-437

Event: Proceedings of the Sixty -Second Annual Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute

City: Cumaná

Country: Venezuela


To determine the abundance of veliger larvae of Queen Conch, Strombus gigas (Linnaeus, 1758), a monthly sampling were conducted in San Pedro, Belize, from August 2007 to September 2008. The surface plankton samples were collected by oblique hauls with a conical net of 30-cm diameter, and 200 µm of mesh size at depths between one or two m. The samples were analyzed following the methodology of Davis et al., (1993), and the Kruskal Wallis tests was used to assess the statistical significance among the sampling periods. We found a total of 742 larvae of gastropods and 12 correspond to S. gigas. The major abundance was observed in August (5.5 larvae/10m3). Larvae of Queen Conch were found in April, July and August. The average size observed was 334 micrometers.

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